Release Day Series Podcast

Cinzia & The Eclipse - From Insecurities to Confidence

October 04, 2023 Cinzia & the Eclipse Season 3 Episode 18
Release Day Series Podcast
Cinzia & The Eclipse - From Insecurities to Confidence
Show Notes

In this episode of the Release Day series podcast, Alex is joined by Cinzia, the talented singer/songwriter behind Cinzia and the Eclipse, to celebrate the release of her brand new single, "Back to Being Friends." 

As we dive into our conversation, you can feel the sheer joy and excitement in Cinzia's voice. After months of hard work, this release brings a breath of fresh air to her musical journey.

The conversation delves into the story behind "Back to Being Friends," which is about losing someone but still having love for them. Cinzia discusses the balance between being personal and relatable as a songwriter and how this song was inspired by her own experiences of heartache. 

Other topics covered include Cinzia's journey as a musician, her collaborations with other artists, her approach to writing and recording music, and the importance of setting goals in her career. The episode also explores the challenges and rewards of making genuine connections in the music industry.

Throughout the episode, Cinzia's passion for her craft shines through, and listeners gain insights into her process as a songwriter. The show ends on an exciting note, with Cinzia teasing an upcoming EP in the spring of 2024 and more music to come. 

Topics discussed:

- The post-release work and engagement with listeners
- Balancing personal and relatable songwriting
- Collaboration and growth as an artist
- Overcoming insecurities and embracing uniqueness
- Setting goals and the impact of intentional focus
- Making genuine connections in the music industry
- Finding a balance between promotion and creation
- The importance of being true to oneself

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