Release Day Series Podcast

Daniel James McFadyen - How a Musician Overcame the Pandemic Identity Crisis

November 17, 2021
Release Day Series Podcast
Daniel James McFadyen - How a Musician Overcame the Pandemic Identity Crisis
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the release day series podcast, I'm your host Alex Huard, joining me today from the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia, is singer songwriter Daniel James McFadyen to talk about his debut album August, I’m Yours that he released on October 8th, 2021. In our conversation we really dig into the inspiration behind the songs on the album, learning more about what they mean to Daniel and the circumstances under which many of the songs were written. We also talk about the process of booking his tour from Halifax to Toronto while the pandemic carries on, and what the response has been from venues and his audiences. A couple familiar names pop up as well, names that you might recognize from the wonderful music they write, or from the podcast itself...small world.

At the start of 2020, McFadyen had just recorded and released an EP. He had a hit song going viral on YouTube and he was ready to start a summer-long tour across Canada. Then the world shut down, the tour was cancelled, and he needed money. With no shows on the horizon, McFadyen found himself on a plane to Ontario, going to work construction for his brother-in-law to pay off his debts. Between the lost tour and the lost money, he started to question if should return to music at all, or just stick to a safe day job. It was the typical pandemic identity crisis. But it was short-lived. Conceived, written and recorded in a time of worldwide and personal uncertainty, August, I’m Yours is an album about change, letting go, and, ultimately, coming home. Daniel begins our conversation taking us through the events that would play significant role in his music career, leading up to the pandemic.

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