Release Day Series Podcast

Catherine MacLellan & Good Lovelies - Christmas Special

December 15, 2021 Alex Huard
Release Day Series Podcast
Catherine MacLellan & Good Lovelies - Christmas Special
Show Notes

Well here we are - the final episode of 2021 and our very first Christmas Special! In this episode I am excited to share two conversations with you. My first is with JUNO Award winning Singer/Songwriter Catherine MacLellan. On November 26th 2021, Catherine released her debut Christmas EP - “Holiday”. Consisting of 3 beautiful renditions of holiday classics and 1 original Christmas song that Catherine wrote during the winter of 2020, we talk about why this was the time to record and release her first Holiday project, a collection of songs she self-engineered and self-produced. We get into the production timeline for the music and accompanying marketing material when putting the holiday project together in order to have successful Holiday release, what being a JUNO award winner has done for her musical career, and why nearly 55 years later, Catherine and her family are re-releasing her father - Gene MacLellan’s debut record.

After that, I will be joined by the JUNO Award winning trio - Good Lovelies, for an incredibly fun conversation that includes discussions about their annual Christmas tour which includes as stop at the newly renovated and recently reopened Massey Hall, the secret to writing an original Christmas song - of which they’ve written many - and some holiday traditions they look forward to every. It’s a great way to cap off a wonderful year for the podcast.

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Thank you so much for listening, and Welcome to Release Day!

Theme music composed by Evan Denley.

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