Release Day Series Podcast

Chastity - Building A Loyal Community & Inclusive Spaces Through Their Music

January 19, 2022 Chastity Season 2 Episode 1
Release Day Series Podcast
Chastity - Building A Loyal Community & Inclusive Spaces Through Their Music
Show Notes

Community is undoubtedly one of the main reasons music is so important to our mental health. When you discover a song where you feel as though the artist is singing to you, or the instrumental is the perfect soundtrack at that very moment - you get this feeling like someone understands you, that you’re not alone. With so many artists focused on being present and relevant on social media and within the algorithm of streaming services, this is an element that gets lost on so many indie artists. Whitby, Ontario Based punk rock band Chastity have recognized the importance of creating community through their music. On January 13th 2022, the band released their 3rd full length album Suffer Summer - with many listeners singing its praises - myself included. Joining me today is the architect behind the project - Brandon Williams. Brandon and his band have toured Europe, parts of the united states with PUP the band, had most recently been opening for the Dirty Nil, has opened for City and Colour and Alexisonfire which likely won’t be the last time either - and has signed to one of the most iconic independent Canadian labels in Dine Alone Records, while Deathwish records handles their international distribution. Upon the release of the album Chastity have been featured on billboard in the heart of Toronto at Yonge-Dundas square, and as of the time of this recording - is the face of the Ready to Rock Spotify playlist.

Brandon and I have a unique connection in that he and I share the same hometown of Whitby. We talk about how Chastity has been a vessel for creating a community and safe space for fans of his genre of music in a city ruled by sports arenas, and his plans for pitching the municipality on creating a more permanent venue to support an arts community that has been largely disregarded. 

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